Groom Attire for Men

The little things really do matter at your wedding. So forgo the dusty old dress shoes you wear to work and instead choose a carefully selected pair of soles. Donnell says that some very specific, yet often unspoken style rules — like which buttons to button, where the boutonniere belongs and how to tie a bow tie — can really make a big difference. He advises consulting a head-to-toe checklist, like the one available in “GROOMS.” “Things like making sure your hair is in place, there’s a dimple in your necktie, the boutonniere is on the left lapel, your trouser zipper is up and that your shoes are shined are just some of the tips and check points to consider.”

Bonus tip: If you like the look of a bow tie and want to try wearing one, learn how to tie it in advance. There are plenty of instructional tips out there, including this easy-to-follow guide from TODAY Style.


While many guys feel inclined to wear rental vests that perfectly match the bridesmaids’ gowns and wedding décor, it’s cooler to get creative. Courtney suggests incorporating your wedding theme and colors in the boutonniere, a


The Baldwins originally wrote “GROOMS” to dispel the myth that there aren’t a lot of options for the man of the moment. They insist that it is possible to achieve a stylish and distinctive look on your wedding day — and it should start with understanding what style best fits you best. A number of different elements, from physique and personality, to season and venue of the event can help shape your appearance. “Once you know what you want to achieve, there are plenty of ways to master your look. Guys just need to take the extra step by paying attention to detail and considering fabrics, colors and styles,” Courtney said.

Bonus tip: If the bride is planning an outfit change, consider having the groom do one of his own! Even just swapping a jacket can transform the look and display his sartorial savviness.